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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Letter from Esther Wong…


Dear CASL Friends,

As many of you know, I continue to serve as CASL’s Executive Director during this transition and have assumed the duties of the CEO as well. CASL’s leadership team has also stepped up as planned and assumed additional duties to ensure that CASL continues to run smoothly.

CASL continues to move forward in our search for our next leader. DHR International has been working diligently to source potential candidates from all over North America, and has begun conducting first round interviews along with candidate leadership assessments.  At the same time, CASL’s staff and board have been working on the transition of leadership.

Research shows that 54% of an individual’s workplace persona is easily measurable and is the focus of decisions to hire candidates. This includes variables like education, experience, and skill sets. The other 46% constitutes workplace behavior and communication style. Often times searches will focus on just the 54%. But at CASL, we recognize that isn’t enough for us to choose our next leader. 

Extensive work has been done, and will continue to be done, during this transition process to strengthen CASL’s entire leadership team. CASL’s three directors, four program managers, and myself have been working with The Oliver Group to assess our workplace characteristics, identify our individual and group strengths and challenges, and improve communications among the team members.  In addition, we brought together our entire supervision team in a full day retreat to discuss the transition and change management.

The first phase of that work has been completed, and we now prepare to move into phase two. This phase will focus on implementing the knowledge gained from the insightful trainings and in-depth analysis to improve the overall effectiveness of the team. In addition, those assessments are also being carried out on CEO candidates.  Both sets of assessments will be used in the search process to create an ideal match – not just in experience and credentials, but in character and workplace behavior.

In the meantime, the CASL Family can count on me for strong leadership and unwavering support as we forge ahead into an innovative and bright future.



Friday, October 28, 2016

CASL CEO Position Posting

DHR International is pleased to present the Position Specifications for CASL’s next CEO, which can be viewed via the link below.  Over the past several months, board, staff, donors, partners and community members have participated in a needs assessment that has informed the work of DHR International in regards to the qualities, characteristics and credentials of our next Chief Executive Officer.

CEO Position Specifications

Please feel free to share this link to help us spread the word.

All inquiries should be directed to:
Kara Zavaleta
Senior Associate
DHR International


Thursday, October 6, 2016

DHR International to head CASL’s new CEO search

After an exhaustive and diligent process, CASL’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it has hired an award-winning search consultant, Mary Lee Montague from DHR International, to conduct CASL’s search for its next Chief Executive Officer.

Montague, DHRs Managing Partner, North American Nonprofit Practice Group, has an extensive and honored career in local, domestic, and global nonprofit executive search.  With more than 50% in diversity placements in 2015, and record-setting retention levels in placements with nationally and internationally renowned nonprofits, the CASL board has every confidence that the search will produce a candidate who can honor CASL’s history and heritage while leading it into a bright and sustainable future.

After a thorough search for the absolute best search firm for CASL, we are so happy to have Mary Lee and DHR International leading the search for CASL’s next leader. Their national and international presence in nonprofit executive search and breadth of experience in placing diverse leadership will be a true asset to CASL.

— James Mark Jr., Board Chair

The Board and leadership staff have been working with Wishnick & Associates over the past several months to create a search process and conduct a needs assessment that will inform the work of Ms. Montague. This assessment has taken into account the needs and thoughts of the community, CASL’s supporters, and its staff and leadership to create a thorough understanding of the characteristics and qualities that are needed in CASL’s next leader.

It is a joy to work with CASL and support the commitment that the board and staff have to the success of this important leadership transition. Their thorough, thoughtful, and determined approach to the search has been inspirational and reaffirm to me that CASL has an amazing and bright future.

Amy Wishnick, Principal, Wishnick & Associates

Concurrently, CASL’s Program Coordinators, Managers and Directors have participated in retreats that focus on change management that will assist all staff in adapting to new leadership. The Managers and Directors have also been working with the Oliver Group to further strengthen and align our efforts as a team to support our new leader and staff around CASL’s mission and vision.

Finally, CASL will be celebrating the legacy and long-time commitment of Bernie Wong and Esther Wong at our Winter Social on December 2nd at the Bridgeport Art Center. Visit our Events Page for more information or to purchase tickets.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Announcement made to CASL Staff and the media