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Seniors had NO HOSPITALIZATIONS thanks to CASL's Adult Day Service and In-Home Service staff

(Fiscal Year 2018-2019)


Adult Day Service and In-Home Service seniors had NO FALLS thanks to CASL staff

(Fiscal Year 2018-2019)


Adult Day Service and In-Home Service seniors had NO EMERGENCY ROOM VISITS thanks to CASL staff

(Fiscal Year 2018-2019)

We work with seniors, caregivers, and their families…

CASL enables seniors to achieve healthy living and aging in place through our person-centered, culturally competent, and integrated home and community-based services. Programs for seniors support the mental and physical health of aging adults in the community and encourage them to live healthy, happy, independent, and engaged lives. During this pandemic, CASL’s senior programs continue to function! Staff contact seniors by phone and video chat every day, prepare and deliver meals every weekday, and provide the same in-home services with the utmost health consciousness and protection.

Adult Day Service

Seniors participate in enrichment activities at a full-day community center to enhance their physical, mental, and social well-being. Safe transportation via CASL bus is provided along with nutritious meals. A licensed Social Worker and a Registered Nurse are on staff.

In-Home Service

Trained staff help seniors live independently in their own homes; cooking, cleaning, and providing companionship. This provides support for the entire family unit by allowing the children of seniors to work without concern.

Pine Tree Senior Council

Also known as Songnian Zhongxin, Pine Tree Senior Council is a self-driven social and civic engagement group that empowers seniors to remain active and engaged in the community through group activities, hobbies, and advocacy.

Mr. and Mrs. Chen’s Story

Mr. and Mrs. Chen were making a difficult life change by moving from their home and into senior housing. They did not have anyone else to help them. CASL In-Home Service staff stepped in to assist with moving out of their old home and into their new one—cleaning, packing boxes, and arranging transportation. Staff introduced the couple to other Chinese seniors living in their new building and showed them how to take a bus to Chinatown. Now, Mr. and Mrs. Chen are living happily thanks to CASL’s assistance.