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A Message from CASL Leadership…

Dear Friends,

Like you, we sat and watched in horror as we learned about the tragic killing of eight individuals – six of whom were women of Asian descent – in Atlanta. For many of us, this action was all too relatable, the violence all too familiar. Our hearts go out to the families of those whose lives were lost. We stand in solidarity with all of those in Atlanta and beyond who are speaking up and denouncing this act and others like it.

At times like this it can be easy to feel helpless or unsure of where to turn. I want to take a moment to reaffirm CASL’s mission of collaboration, service, and unity; values that we have lived by for over forty years.

As thought leaders, CASL is collaborating with citywide leadership to educate diverse communities on a wide variety of matters and holding discussions on critical issues such as hate speech and racial violence. CASL likewise works with the Chicago Police Department to educate community members about safety, reporting crimes, and their rights.

Throughout the pandemic, we continue to be in service to our community, particularly our vulnerable seniors being safely vaccinated at events organized by CASL and our partner organizations.

For CASL, collaboration and service are not complete without a strong sense of true unity and friendship. During a time of communal fear, violent action, and hateful rhetoric, CASL builds bridges to other cultures and communities and spreads a message of unity.

It is vital that racism and violence be understood at their core as part of broader concerns around economic poverty, systemic inequality, inadequate education, and more. We thank you for your support of CASL’s mission and believe that when we collaborate, serve, and unite together, we can begin to address these seemingly intractable issues.

Together, we can begin to heal. Together, we will continue to affirm the need for safety, well-being, and dignity in our Chicago Chinese community and beyond.

Yours In Service,


James Mark Jr., CASL Board of Directors Chair

Paul Luu signature 031821

Paul Luu, CASL CEO