What We Do

CASL’s Community Equity Research Center (CERC) promotes inclusion and community empowerment by using data to shape policy, advocacy, and education efforts. Rooted in the interconnectedness of social justice work, we seek to empower staff and community members to be equity-minded champions for change. CERC is dedicated to increasing representation for AAPI communities at the local and national policy level and provides strategic, data-informed recommendations to ensure equitable outcomes. We provide our departments and programs with the education, information, and support they need to successfully serve our diverse clients and communities.

Why It Matters

We are at a pivotal point in our nation’s history where the AAPI population, which was the fastest growing racial or ethnic group in the US between 2000 and 2019, is expected to become the largest immigrant group in the country before the year 2055. At the same time, philanthropic giving from foundations to AAPI-serving organizations represents only 20 cents for every 100 dollars spent. This disproportionate ratio underscores a critical lack of representation for AAPI communities that widens existing gaps in access to education, social services, employment, and other essential needs. Additionally, there has historically been a systemic lack of recognition of the diverse needs, experiences, and histories of AAPI communities. In order to move the needle forward on critical issues of representation, access, and policy, we need to amplify the diverse voices of AAPI communities. The CERC is dedicated to building more equitable, inclusive, futures with and for our communities.

Our Team

Who We Are

The CERC works collaboratively with CASL’s Center for Social Impact (CSI) to improve the well-being of our community and clients. We leverage CSI’s data and insights to encourage change through more impactful DEIA strategies and advocate for laws and policies that address the community’s unique needs.

Dr. Elizabeth Stigler, DEIA Officer, and Thomas Choi, Governmental Affairs and Advocacy Officer, drive CERC’s DEIA initiatives both internally and externally, and they amplify the voice of the AAPI community through governmental advocacy and policy-shaping. Dr. Stigler has extensive experience developing and delivering diversity and inclusion strategies and programs to various organizations, institutions, and nonprofits. Thomas Choi enhances CASL’s expertise with his extensive background working in community advocacy, public affairs, global engagement, nonprofit management, and working with several elected officials at the state and federal levels.

Elizabeth J. Stigler, Ph.D.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Officer

Thomas Choi

Governmental Affairs and Advocacy Officer