Employment & Education

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Employment counseling and training provides a variety of assistance to community members of all ages—particularly new immigrants challenged with navigating their new work and social environments.

Adult Employment Program: Assists in finding job opportunities for adults with multiple barriers—especially new immigrants with low English language proficiency. The program also provides thorough assessment as well as job coaching and placement assistance.

Chef Training Program: Offering western-style cooking instruction and vocational English as Second Language, equipping students with knowledge and skills for entry-level positions with major hotels, institutions, and restaurants.

Title V Senior Community Service Employment Program: Fostering and promoting effective part-time opportunities for unemployed, low-income people age 55 or older with limited employment prospects. Placement is in non-profit community service organizations.

Immigration Services:
—Citizenship: application, education, naturalization
—Family reunification for those who wish to bring their families to the United States

Cup of Tea: Weekly Saturday meet-ups held for learning and practicing conversational English.