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Your support goes a very long way in ensuring that people in-need access vital services, receive well-rounded care, and enjoy a strong sense of family. Thanks to YOU, generations of Chicagoans are thriving and contributing to our community’s rich cultural landscape—families such as Mrs. Chen’s…

Having immigrated from rural China to the United States with her husband in 1996, Mrs. Chen had no knowledge of the English language or any of the hardships she would face in trying to establish a life here. But in 2001, she heard about the many ways in which CASL could ease her burdens and help her assimilate into American society…

Assistance with bills, groceries, health outreach, and financial planning was invaluable to the Chen family. Financial counseling put Mrs. Chen and her husband on the right track to supporting themselves. But it was the ability of Mrs. Chen and her husband to attend citizenship classes and become full citizens that set them on a course for success. These days, as a senior, Mrs. Chen is focused on improving her own health, and she is a participant in CASL’s six-week Diabetes Self-Management Program and ongoing fitness program.

Confidence, respect, a healthy lifestyle, and diminishing reliance on medications are only a few of the numerous benefits Mrs. Chen has experienced through her 15+ years participating in CASL’s extensive services. Her three children and six grandchildren enjoy a healthy, happy grandmother who can provide the strength and support they need to thrive, in turn. Every day, Mrs. Chen cooks a large lunch while her husband gathers their children and grandchildren around the table—three generations living the American Dream thanks to CASL.

There are countless families like the Chens. With your gift today, they too will thrive!



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