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Photography by Al DiFranco


Elderly Services Department


The Elderly Services Department (ESD) connects seniors with the vital support and services they need to remain independent and contribute to the community as they age in their own homes. Through culturally-sensitive programming appropriate to individual needs CASL helps seniors lead healthy, happy, and meaningful lives.

The following services are provided:

  • Adult Day Service (ADS) provides on-site care for older adults, ages 60 or above, to promote their social, physical, and emotional well-being in a supervised and structured group setting. The program provides seniors with social, recreational, therapeutic, and culturally sensitive activities, including but not limited to arts and crafts, fitness classes, outings, and singing and dancing groups. Participating seniors receive transportation services to and from the center if living within the service area, nutritious meals, and regular health monitoring by a registered nurse. The program also offers respite services for family caregivers. This service is free for eligible low-income seniors. We also serve private pay participants.
  • In-Home Service provides non-medical in the home assistance for older adults, ages 60 or above, to maintain and strengthen the functioning of seniors in their own homes. Our trained Homecare Aides assist seniors with personal care, household chores, essential shopping and errands, meeting medical appointments, and meal preparation. The program also offers respite services for family caregivers. This service is free for eligible low-income seniors. We also serve private pay participants.
  • Pine Tree Senior Council provides social and civic engagement activities to older adults, ages 50 or above, to enrich their lives. Regular social activities include line dance, singing group, Chinese calligraphy and painting, Tai Chi, Ping Pong, Birthday luncheon, and field trips. Civic engagement activities include but not limited to Pine Tree Senior Council Committee, voter education, friendly in-home visits / telephone reassurance to homebound seniors, and volunteer opportunities. Membership fee is $2 per month.
  • Social Services connects older adults, ages 60 or above, to vital social benefits and community resources to meet basic needs by providing clients’ with Chinese-English interpretation assistance, information about social benefits and community resources, eligibility screening, application filing, referral services, and educational workshops.
  • Citizenship and Immigration Services promote citizenship and family reunification through assisting individuals of all ages in filling out immigration and naturalization forms, following up on application status, and preparing for citizenship interview and tests in a classroom and one-on-one setting. The program also provides interpretation services, conducts citizenship workshops, and encourages naturalized citizens to become registered voters.

Special Projects:

  • Healthy IDEAS (Identifying Depression, Empowering Activities, for Seniors), an evidence-based program, improves older adults’ quality of life by screening for symptoms of depression and assessing their severity, educating older adults and caregivers about depression, linking older adults to primary care and mental health providers, empowering older adults to manage their depression through a behavioral activation approach that encourages involvement in meaningful activities. We have received a 3-year funding from Retirement Research Foundation to incorporate the model of Healthy IDEAS into our Adult Day Service, In-Home Service, and Social Services to help older adults manage their depressive symptoms.
  • Intensive Case Advocacy and Support (ICAS) for At-Risk Seniors Program is supported by the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services to provide ICAS seniors with in-home assessment and friendly visits, telephone reassurance, case advocacy and support to understand, accept, and receive needed services, on-going monitoring the establishment of services and referrals, and Chinese-English translation assistance.