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Photography by Al DiFranco

Family & Community Services


Family and Community Services (FCS) aims to assist and strengthen the physical and mental well being of individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds in the Chinese community. FCS helps clients transition into American society, while maintaining their own Chinese heritage and culture. FCS helps Chinese individuals and families gain access to resources and services such as health care, public benefits, and school by breaking down the cultural, language and financial barriers.

Social Services      Supplimental Nutrition Assistance PDF      Women, Infants & Children (WIC) PDF
FCS provides information, referrals, translation/interpretation, case management and counseling services to Chinese immigrant families. FCS helps identify their service needs, explain the various public programs for which they may be eligible, and assists immigrants with the application and re-determination process for programs.

Health Outreach Program
CASL’s Health Outreach Program is based specifically on the needs of the Chinese American population, focusing on low-income individuals with poor or no English skills. It helps low-income families gain access to health care services, enabling Chinese families access to health information through the operation of the Bilingual Resource Library, and promotes wellness among Chinese immigrants through workshops, community outreach and counseling in-person or through telephone contact.

Courage to Quit—Smoking Cessation Program      Courage to Quit PDF
A 6- week class on how to quit smoking. One month of nicotine patches will be provided. Participants will receive a $50 bonus upon completion of the program. Eligible to anyone 18 or above, smokes at least one cigarette per week, read and writes Chinese.

Teen REACH Program (Responsibility, Education, Achievement, Care & Hope)    Fall 2014 Teen Reach PDF
CASL’s Teen REACH program assists recently immigrated Chinese youth (Grades 5-8) acclimate to American society and achieve positive growth and development through a variety of carefully planned training and activities. Programs include academic assistance, life skills training, sports and recreational activities, mentoring and parental involvement to enable our youth to be successful in school.

Out-of-School Time Program (OST)
This program is designed to provide a safe and positive environment to meet the specific academic, social, and emotional needs of recently immigrated Chinese youth (Grades 5 and above) by breaking down the linguistic, cultural and financial impediments. Programs include school referrals, educational workshops and field trips, academic assistance, community services and leadership training, sports and recreational activities. The program provides youth with safe and effective alternatives to gang involvement, substance abuse and school dropout.

Cultural Retention Program (Interest Classes)      Fall 2014 Interest Classes PDF
This program provides children, youth and adults a chance to learn and understand traditional Chinese artistic and cultural heritage. It helps American-born and immigrant Chinese children and youth learn the culture and values of their ancestors and how to position themselves as Chinese Americans. Classes include Chinese Dance, Chinese Music, Drawing, Kung Fu, Mandarin, Calligraphy and Guzheng.